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You Buy, We Deliver…
for Free

Mainland Delivery.

Our trusted delivery partner, Bridgefoot Vehicle Transport, are a family-run company based in Warrington. We have a long-standing relationship with the team at Bridgefoot and trust them to pick up and drop off vehicles for us all over the UK.

If you choose to have your new van delivered, you can rely on us to make sure that your new van arrives as expected and when expected (subject to traffic jams of course).

Collection Delivery - JL Vans Ltd

Areas Covered.

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Delivery FAQ.

Is the delivery really free?        

Yes! Our delivery service is a great way to help us sell more vans, we are happy to deliver it to you for free.

Where do you deliver to?

As long as you are on the UK mainland, we will deliver the van to you.

Is the van driven to me?

No, our vans are delivered by car transporter using our trusted delivery agent Bridgefoot Vehicle Transport.

How do I know the van will be OK when it arrives?     

We will send you a detailed video of the van prior to delivery, showing any imperfections. We will also test drive the van for you and have it independently MOT'd. There has to be a bit of trust from both sides but our reviews will show that our delivery service works really well.

What happens if the van turns up and I'm not happy?

In the very rare case that you are not happy, we will always try to resolve any issues with you. Failing that, we can get the van picked up and brought back (at our expense) and we will refund you in full.